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Why do I need a Patch Test, I always get my hair coloured?

Updated: May 16, 2018

Patch testing is to protect you!

Every colour brand has their own patch testing policies, we use L’Oreal which requires an allergy test at least 48hours prior to the appointment.

If you have had your hair coloured with a different brand, salon or if you have used L’Oreal you will still need another patch test.

You must have a patch test each time you use a new brand, and also if you are to use a different hair colouring system in each brand. This patch test will last you 6 months, if you don’t have your hair coloured within those 6 months you must be re patch tested. These are the most significant rules of patch testing however you have others that apply in regards to age, pregnancy tattooing and Henna. You can find more information on allergy testing at

When you do have your patch test, please note a reaction can happen anywhere on the body, so be aware of any rashes, redness or soreness that appears. Of course be aware of the area thats been patch tested but if this is slightly itchy it may be that you are sensitive to the colour, in which case you must inform your colourist and they can try out an alternative product.

Patch testing is very quick and easy, we simply place a small dot of colour behind your ear, leave this for 2 days to allow for a reaction if one is to occur.

Please bear in mind that you should make patch testing part of your beauty regime with all new products. Hair and skin is the clothing you never take off, so look after it!!!


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