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Top Tips for Long, Healthy Hair

Heres a few facts, tips and tricks if your trying to grow your hair long and keep it healthy! (the two go hand in hand)

Using the right hair care products for your hair, along with heat protection products before you style. A lot of shampoo and conditioners treat specific problems, for example anything 'strengthening' will help to fix cracks in cuticles and repair protein within the hair.

'Moisturising' products nourish and soften the hair cuticles of dry hair, generally if your hair is extremely damaged you will start on strengthening products and then move onto moisturising.

Ensure you receive expert advise on what is best for your hair.

.⁠⠀ Minimal bleach in colour applications, if used partner with L'Oreal's SMARTBOND to keep hair to is optimum condition.⁠⠀ .⁠⠀

Light head massages with conditioning treatments to help stimulate the oxygen in the scalp with aids growth.


Taking vitamins such as Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D & C, Omega 3 & 6


7-8 hours of sleep every night is ideal. It’s during these hours when the body is in constant repair mode.

That's the window for growth hormones to come out and speed up cell reproduction. More sleep = more active scalp cells = more hair.

. Regular trims to help keep the ends of the hair stay the healthiest .⁠⠀ See that Scrunchie on her wrist, yes this has a MASSIVE contribution! If Hannah was tieing her hair up with a ‘raw elastic’ hair band it would be causing damage, keep it healthy ladies and gents with softer hair ties! .

Above all, persistence and patience is key! If one day you decide you aren't going to use the correct products or/and tie your hair up with an abrasive hair tie - this could cause damage that is only repaired by cutting it off - and if the damage starts high up it will set you back on your hair journey!!


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