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Don't let fun-in-the-sun ruin your hair!


Haircare begins in the shower, and if you're planning on jetting off to a hot place this summer (lucky thing!) or staying here in this beautiful British heatwave, you need a haircare range to protect your hair from sun damage.

Introducing...the DAVINES SU RANGE

The SU range from Davines smells divine (think citrus-notes all day long) and nourishes your hair. Their SU shampoo is formulated to be extra-hydrating - exactly what thirsty sun-exposed hair needs. The shampoo also doubles up as a body wash, meaning that you can save some space in your suitcase. They also have hair milk and an anti-dryness shield for haircare on the go. Since we've discovered it you won't find us at the beach without it.


That's right, nothing beats a hat for ultimate UV protection. If your hair is coloured and you hate that 'holiday-hair fade', protect and preserve your colour with a sun hat. If hats aren't your thing, scarfs are great and you can get creative with how you style them (anything colourful sounds good to us!).


After going swimming in the sea or the pool, ensure that you throughly rinse your hair afterwards with clean water. If no showers are available you can use bottled water. This will stop any salt or chlorine build up - no one likes having crunchy hair.


Brushing your hair whilst it's wet with a large tooth comb, tangle teezer or a brush of a similar style will ensure minimal damage. Hair elacticity is at its best whilst damp and you can get knots out far more easily. Start from the ends and work your way up.

TIE ME UP, not like that!

Girls, say "bye-bye" to those elastic bands; they aren't doing your hair any favours!!

Elastic causes irreversible damage to your hair, whereas soft hair bands made of polyurethane (also known as artifical resin) are a much gentler way to tie your locks up. They cause far less friction to the hair cuticle and less breakage. Sounds good? We thought so!


Our Invisibobbles are designed to do exactly that, whether you're exercising or tying your hair up to hit the dance floor, make sure that you have an Invisibobble in your handbag at all times.

Psssst! TOP TIP:

Has your hair bobble lost its elasticity? Leave it in the sun or in a warm place, like on top of a heater to shrink it back into shape.

So, you're all set for a summer of beautiful hair whatever the weather and wherever you go. (And if you happen to be going abroad, then we are not jealous. AT ALL. Well, maybe a little bit.)


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