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Babylights, the new highlights

Updated: May 14, 2018

We have seen variations of Balayage dominating hair trends over the last 10 years, but of course we still have a need and a demand for foil lightening.

Babylights has been introduced as a way to still allow traditional foiling methods to sit inline with the current trends of seamless blended hair colouring.

The most common response I receive when I suggest using foils is “but I don’t want to look stripy”. So, now I use the terminology and technique ‘Babylights’ to create very fine weaves of colour to beautifully enhance the natural hair, without stripes!

Of course, this technique can be adapted and bespoke to each client, some clients like to have it stripy so we would use a thicker more traditional weave in the hair for the desired look, but to stay on trend and show the evolution of traditional foils we need to re brand the technique, so Babylights was born!


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