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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Lighting is EVERYTHING! How often have you been scrolling through your camera roll or looked in a different mirror to find your hair colour has magically changed (without visiting the salon)?

Hannah created this collage of how her hair colour looked on the same day in different lights #nofilter

"Low lighting will make your hair appear darker with less definition. Artificial lighting is not always our friend; am I right fellow blondes? It can can accentuate warmer tones in the hair a.k.a the yellow that isn't actually there''

The truest reflection of your hair colour will be in soft natural lighting. The bottom middle was taken at the front of the Salon, where natural light floods in.

At MAYFIVE we love it when clients bring in photos of their hair goals - this helps us plan your colour journey!

If you have a celebrity hair crush, make sure you bring in multiple photos of their hair. This guarantees the most realistic results and you will love your hair with #nofilter


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