Get SMART on SmartBond

In 2016 Smartbond was launched, an innovation that has changed the world of hair colouring! Formulated by leading hair experts at L'Oreal, Smartbond is the ultimate bond strengthening service which is added to your colour, to minimise any potential damage & protect your hair.

Smartbond is designed to protect the bonds deep within the hair & strengthen them during technical processes, such as lightening and colouring. The results are incredible, leaving hair stronger, feeling touchably softer, and looking shinier.

Smartbond is suitable for all colour clients making the hair healthier, hair that is in good condition will hold the colour in for longer, there is also a conditioner which you can use at home to help maintain strength in the hair fibre.

I have been using the product since it was launched, I can honestly say the difference in the clients that use it to the clients that don't is very noticeabl! It has opened up more hair colouring possibilities for us as hairdressers, allowing us to provide the best services and results for our clients.

Feedback I have received from clients - 'my colour is lasting longer', 'my hair is so much easier to blowdry!', ' I haven't seen my hair this shiny EVER'.

Smartbond is priced at an additional £20 at MAYFIVE, this addition may be essential for some clients and services, this will be advised by your colourist in the consulation.

For more information on Smartbond please visit L'Oreal's website below




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