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6 everyday habits that is ruining your hair!

1. Hot Showers:

Hot showers feel great but can also dry out your hair and scalp! If this is something you cannot resist, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner to moisturise.

2. Dirty Brushes:

Clean those brushes! A bit of warm water and shampoo to take out any debris will work perfectly - otherwise you will be brushing your clean hair with a tool that has also been in your hair after a sweaty workout!

3. Tight Hair Styles (And With The Wrong Hair Ties):

Tight ponytails and top knots can cause traction alopecia but if you use an elastic band, this will also cause damage to the fibres in your hair when it is tied up. A traditional scrunchie or a spiral hair tie that looks like the old-fashioned telephone cords is my best suggestion.

4. Sunglasses:

Of course the best place to put your sunglasses so you don't lose them is on your head - however, if the area that goes over your nose has metal on it, it's likely to catch in your hair and pull out strands. This will result in breakage on your front hairline.

5. Applying Heat To Your Hair For The Third Day Running Without Washing:

Once you have washed your hair, it is filled with nutrients from your shampoo, conditioner and leave-in products. Once you apply electrical hear to the hair, these products tend to leave the hair. If you then re-apply heat to your hair without washing it, you are likely to cause irreversible damage to the cuticle.

6. Overusing Dry Shampoo

We all love using dry shampoo, however, using it excessively can result in a dry, flaky scalp. I'd recommend not using it for more than two days before washing.

- Katie Allan, Founder & Director of MAYFIVE HAIR


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